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Design iris diaphragms easily with the help of our industry tested design app


iris design packages

Choose a subscription that meets your needs

Try the Iris Calculator, and get acquainted with mechanical iris diaphragm design.
- Operate your iris design
- Component layer control
- Restricted outside dimension
$7 / month
Ideal for designing a single, or a short-term mechanical iris diaphragm project.
- DXF file export
- Unrestricted dimensions
- Additional side view
$58 / year
Ideal for designing multiple, or long-term mechanical iris diaphragm projects.
- DXF file export
- Unrestricted dimensions
- Additional side view

Buy an iris

Off-the-shelf iris diaphragms

A selection of mechanical iris diaphragms, in a range of sizes, can be purchased in our store. Available as either a physical product mailed directly to you, or as a .STL digital download to 3D print yourself.


iris design services

Iris diaphragms designed for you by a dedicated specialist

Tap into 16 years of iris design and engineering experience, and make use of our custom design services. Have a complete iris design created to fit your specific needs, along with detailed engineering part drawings, CAD models, and STL files. We can even 3D print your design in-house as a low-cost alternative to a metal iris. Use the prices below as a guide, and then contact us to discuss your requirements.


Iris Design & STL Files
An iris design is created based on any specifications you provide to us. STL files are then generated from this design for you to download, 3D print and assemble yourself.
- 1x Iris design
- STL parts files
Iris Design & 3D Print
This package gets you an iris designed, 3D printed and mailed to you. The design is based on any specifications you provide.
- 1x Iris design
- Physical 3D print*
Design, Drawings & 3D Models
Includes a full set of detailed, fully dimensioned, engineering drawings and 3D models. Allowing you to either manufacture in-house, or provide a precision CNC engineering fabrication shop with the drawings.
- 1x Iris design
- Full set of engineering drawings
- 3D CAD models

** Please use the contact form to initially discuss your requirements before purchasing. The above prices are USD and based on a basic, handle operated, iris design. **

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