Iris Diaphragm Education Pack

Iris design introduction

Learn all about iris diaphragms and how to design them with this great education pack.


  • 50mm, 12-blade iris diaphragm
  • Iris Design 101 tutorial
  • History of the iris diaphragm
  • 50% off Iris Calculator Pro subscription

$99.99 plus shipping

Iris Diaphragm Education Pack Image 1
Iris Diaphragm Education Pack Image 2

The Iris

Easily assembled and disassembled for gaining an insight into the inner workings of an iris diaphragm.

Iris Design 101

Learn the principles behind developing an iris diaphragm with our introduction design guide. Available both as print and digital versions, you'll build a working knowledge of best practices and approaches to designing an iris.

History of Iris Diaphragm

Read all about the beginings of iris diaphragms and their use throughout our history.

Iris Calculator Pro Discount

Receive 50% off a years subscription to the Iris Calculator Pro.

$99.99 plus shipping