The Software

Originally the Iris Calculator's sole purpose was to determine the most efficient blade dimensions within any given iris diaphragm. As most iris diaphragms follow the same geometric pattern, it seemed beneficial to create a mathematical model on the principles of iris design, and produce a software tool to exploit this.

Since conception the Iris Calculator has been in continuous development and currently includes specific part details that help make up an iris diaphragm assembly.

The Humans behind it

Matt Arnold - matt(at)iris-calculator.com

Previously a design engineer for Wilkes Iris Ltd. Matt is a highly creative and innovative individual. Using his in-depth knowledge of iris diaphragms and web design experience, he created and developed the Iris Calculator to simplify and accelerate iris design.

Jennifer Sharman - jen(at)iris-calculator.com

Customer service specialist with with over a decade of experience in statistics and research. Jen's detailed and analytical approach brings a unique set of skills to the Iris Calculator.

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